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Watch Your Thoughts – They Become Words

Watch Your Words – They Become Your Actions

Watch Your Actions – They Become Your Habits

Watch Your Habits – They Become Your Character


They Become Your DESTINY  

by Lao-Tze

What True Character are You Reflecting Today?  

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! Secrets To A Happy & Healthy LifeStyle !


Healthy Living Is All About Wellness

Wellness is more than any individual’s journey.  It is about people working together to make change for the better.  To heal ourselves our communities and the planet.  It encompasses many aspects.  Exploring your spiritual side; eating clean, whole foods; making sleep a priority, learning to breathe properly; managing stress, anxiety and moods; these are all elements of wellness.

Take a Beneficial Breath

There is a simple way to fight stress, have more energy and impact clarity of thought and decision making.  Learn to breathe properly.  Conscious breathing, through the nose, activates the diaphragm and simulates the Vagus Nerve, triggering the relaxation response, much like laughter.  Specific controlled breathing patterns can affect our health, our mental state and lead to increased wellness.

Making Sleep A Priority

Getting enough sleep and ensuring good quality sleep is a key to maintaining good physical and mental health. So before committing to getting up early for the gym each day, or starting your next diet, make sure sleep figures in your plans.  This time of the year, many of us are making new year’s resolutions. What do we plan to give up that we indulged in too often throughout the year? What are we going to take up that we wished we had made time for this year? As we make these plans, it’s important to make sleep a priority rather than something that can be traded off, to make space in our schedule for other activities.

Social Media And Mental Health

Excess time spent on social media and similar platforms is creating a culture of stress and social anxiety, leading to feelings of loneliness and depression.  Research shows that smartphone addiction could be affecting our brain chemistry, especially in teens and young adults.  We were designed to make real-world connection with other humans.  The challenge is to find a balance, so stop surfing the net and get out there and socialize in the real world.